How to Use Beading Needles for Any Design

Hi friends, are you about starting a bead necklace and you are confused on which needle to use. Today, I will be explaining the different types of needle that are available while beading for you. Just sit back and enjoy.
Needles are long thin flexible needle that comes in various sizes while working with seed beads either for a peyote, tabular design, netting, spiral, brick stitch and so on.
Beading can be very frustrating, difficult when working with smaller beads without using any needle. Since they are very tiny and can easily fall off while working with it. As you know that seed beads comes in many sizes, shapes and colors. You are expected to make use of the right size of needle while making your designs. This is pretty good because it makes your work easier, you get comfortable and more enjoyable.
For any jewelry and bead design you can purchase your needles at any bead stores or online bead suppliers you can trust. A pack of needle contains less than 15 needles altogether so making use of it will go a long way and be enough for your work. Needles vary from size 8…to 15. 
N:B: The smaller the number representing the size of your needle, the bigger the hole of the needle. And the bigger the size of your needle, the smaller the hole. For example, a size 10 beading needle is thicker than a size 13.
How to know the right Needle to use
While making your jewelry, if you want to know the right size of needle to use, it depends on the size of the seed bead you are working with and knowing the right size of beading thread to use. This is so because, there are particular size of thread that  can never fit into a needle if the  thread is a little bit thicker.
For instance for a size 3( Nigeria size of seed bead) , you are to use an 0.30mm fishing line and then use a size 11 needle. While for a size 1 seed bead, you can use an 0.25mm thread with a size 12 needle. Be fully aware that seed beads that are bigger than size 8 (e.g coral, ivory- coral, pearl and swarovski beads) and other different shapes do not need any needle to work with. This beads are big enough and should fit in on their own.
                                                     Types of Needles
English Beading Needle 
They are high-quality, durable needles which  are longer than standard sewing needles. It enables you to string multiple seed beads and other beads.These are the most commonly used type of needle with sizes 10 and 12 being the most popular. In addition, it is in different sizes, you can also use a size 11 for your design.

Twisted Beading Needle
 These are needles made of a loop of fine steel twisted around itself to form a needle-like assembly. At one end is the twisted part which will acts as the sharp point and the non-twisted loop at the other end is where the beading thread is pushed through. This types of needle works with size 6 seed bead because of its better loop hole.


                                     Sizes of Needles

Size 10: it’s thicker (and only large beads like swarovski beads etc can use this needle) with a size 0.50mm thick fishing line.

11: Any smaller beads can fit into this size of needle with either 0.25mm or 0.30 mm fishing line.
12/13/15: The size 12 beading needle is approximately 2″ long. A very small beads can be perfect for this.
How to Fix your Needle In The Thread
Threading a needle takes time even bead experts sometimes have trouble fixing it in let alone a beginner. It takes patience to do it ooo…lol (don’t  mind me, it won’t really take much time).
1. Cut your thread and flatten the tip of the fishing line/ thread with your finger tips or use a jewelry plier to smoothen it so it can easily pass through the needle. And if you are like me, i use my front teeth to flatten the fishing line because i feel my teeth is strong enough and will do the same work. Lol…
2. Carefully slide the thread inside the hole of the needle and pull it out.
3. Then start making your designs.
Be very careful not to confuse beading needle with sewing needle, though  they look similar but they are quite different and won’t do the same work.
 I will end this post with this  Nothing really works until you put it to work’. Try all the necessary designs/creations you have in your mind and see if it won’t come out beautifully.
 I really  enjoyed myself while writing this  and i hope you did too.
Remember, to make a comment after this post and let me know how best i  can improve you.
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See you in my next post. Till then, stay blessed.

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