How to Make Onion Bulb Necklace Design

    Life is in phases where you pass through one stage after another, that is why you need to be so determined to cross over to that height you desire. That being said, life is like an onion where you have to peel one layer at a time and sometimes you weep. 
        Here, the necklace design will be in form of an onion that has layers upon layers…smiles. Hence, its named onion bulb design made with beads. 
Materials for this design include:
Seed bead (colour blue size 2, seed bead (Another colour pink) size 3 ,needle, fishing line 0.30mm.
N:B: The 3 SB is colour pink while the 6 SB is colour blue that form the layers. You can  use any colour of your choice.
1. Cut a desired length of fishing line.
2. Knot a bead on the extreme end of the fishing line so the beads doesn’t fall off.
3. Pick up 3 size 3 SB and pick 6 size 2 SB and pass your needle underneath inside the 3 SB you dropped before.
4. Pick 6 SB(colour blue) and pass needle the same way you did (step three). And do the same thing 6 times to form one design bulb by picking 6SB(colour blue).
5. After forming one bulb layer design, you pick 4 SB and pick 6 SB and pass needle underneath inside 3 SB leaving one and do the same thing  for 6 times also. Continue the steps until you get to your desired length. 
Don’t forget that the 1 SB(colour pink ) i left is the space i created in between the bulb design. You can as well use ball gold as the SB (pink I used).
You can do it as many layers as possible. Add your hooks and its ready to wear.

Happy Beading.

Olayinka Awoyemi

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog. I am a graduate of OAU where I studied Psychology. My aim is to build a brand where I can teach women how to look beautiful by knowing the right accessories to wear for different events.

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  1. Jesutobiloba says:

    Weldone dearie. The sky is your starting point

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    Good write up,more strength

  3. Unknown says:

    Good write up,more strength

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