• Insert 18 coral beads, one gold ball, one coral beads, one gold ball and two coral beads.

A bride’s bridal look for her traditional wedding is incomplete without coral beads. That is one of the reason I decided to show you the procedure on how to make one in this article.

Are you a student, corper, stay at home mum, or would you like to learn how to make coral beads? If that’s you, please take a seat and let us enjoy this article together.

Gone are those days when it’s only the king, queen or those in royalty that use coral beads. Now, coral beads have become the talk of the town since fashion has become the order of the day everyone now uses beads. Grooms now wear, brides are not left behind, even groom’s mother, bride’s mother and party guest .
Coral beads can be created into amazing designs that can be worn on different occasions.

Here, I will be giving you the step by step procedure to making one layer coral bead. It’s quite easy, just make sure you follow the instructions and you can make one for yourself or others.

Materials Needed Are
• Coral Beads ( there are fake ones so be very careful)
• Beading Thread (0.60mm) it’s thicker because coral beads are always heavy so you need a thicker thread.
• Gold Balls

• Round Coral Beads
• Measuring Tape( optional)
• Hook to attach.

Cut a desired length of beading thread and attach one part of your hook.

Insert one round coral bead, one gold ball( Repeat this process five times)
Insert one round coral, two normal coral, one gold ball, one coral,one gold ball and 18 coral beads to reach your neckline.
Attach the other side of the hook and your coral necklace is ready to wear.

Note: You are not restricted to make your own design like this, all you have to do is to be creative and know where exactly you want to fix your materials.

This is the final look of the one layer coral bead with earrings and bracelets.

This article is put together by the CEO of Christiee beads Creation. If you know anyone that would like this article, please share it so they can learn.

I hope you now have an idea of how to make coral beads. This is the basics, you should build on this and practice they say makes perfect. Make sure you practice it and design one for yourself. You can make extra income from this by selling it to your friends and loved ones.

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Hi everyone, welcome to my blog. I am a graduate of OAU where I studied Psychology. My aim is to build a brand where I can teach women how to look beautiful by knowing the right accessories to wear for different events.

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