How To Choose The Right Elastic Cords For A Bead Design

Elastic cords is ideal for creating simple jewelry designs, it comes up in different types, sizes and thickness. There are some types of cords I will be explaining to you here, kindly continue reading. To make any bracelet, it is very expedient to select your beads before selecting the cords you think will fit in. This is because your bead determines the type of elastic cords to use. Since, you know that beads come in different types, shapes, color and sizes so choosing an elastic cord for each designs is needed.
Stretch Magic Cord: This is a strong, clear and opaque elastic cord for jewelry making. It is available in different styles. This type of cord does not crack over time.

How to Make A Bracelet With A Stretch Cord
i.             Cut the stretch magic cord to about 12 inches with your measuring tape.
ii.           Begin to string your beads onto the elastic.
iii.          Make your bracelet the correct size of your wrist. Tie your knot with some tension in the bracelet. Once the knot is tight, carefully cut the excess stretch magic cord.
iv.          Then, apply a drop of glue to hold the knot completely or hide the knot inside a bead if the holes are large enough. The essence of the glue is to ensure the knot does not loose or risk your design. Ensure you leave your bracelet for a few seconds so that the glue can dry and you can wear.
N.B: You need to note that your knot should not have any gap between the strands.
Silk Thread: This is made from multiple twisted strands of silk. The silk cocoon is unwound to form one long continuous fiber and then tightly wound around itself to create a multi-filament silk thread. One of the property is it is colorfast and has strong quality. It is in different thicknesses and hundreds of color choices either for hand embroider, bead, sewing.
Power Cord:  Since most beads have at least a 1mm hole that easily accommodates the 0.8mm or 1mm stretch cords. Either of these sizes are good for stretch bracelets. Powercord has its own strength and resilience and  ranges in diameter from 0.5mm to 2mm and comes in clear and several popular colors.
 Make sure  you select your beads before you select your cord, and then buy the largest cord that will fit through all of them.  Choose a cord that will fit through the beads when doubled over if you plan to use a needle or as a single strand if your beads are large enough to string without a needle.


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