How To Attach A Clasp To A Fishing Line Before Stringing Your Beads.

   Nothing is impossible for you if you believe. You can either attach your clasp before stringing your beads or when you are done with your designs. Whichever way, you are good to go.
Here, in this post i will be showing you how to attach your clasp before you begin your beads.
         There is an important tool in bead making that is needed here, it is used to crimp or flatten the stopper. The tool is called the ‘ flat nose plier’. Two important tools are needed here to attach your clasp and they are a crimp bead or bead stopper (any one will work for it)  but for this post, i will  be using a bead stopper and the flat nose plier.
Cut your desired length of fishing line and double it.

 String a bead stopper and attach the clasp onto the same  end of the line.

Thread the fishing line back through the  stopper.

NOTE: Make sure you leave some spaces between the stopper and the clasp so as to move freely.
Get your flat nose plier and use it to flatten the stopper. 

Get your materials for your design and string your beads.
Don’t forget to do the same for the other end of the line immediately you finish stringing your beads and coming out with your expected design.

Having done that, you have successfully attached your clasp to your necklace. 
Happy Making!

Olayinka Awoyemi

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog. I am a graduate of OAU where I studied Psychology. My aim is to build a brand where I can teach women how to look beautiful by knowing the right accessories to wear for different events.

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