10 list of Coral Necklaces you can rock in 2019

                                  CORAL BEADS

As you know, that the world is evolving and human beings are becoming more creative. This also goes with beads and other accessories where there are many latest designs trending now. That is why i want to use this opportunity to let you know the latest accessories brides or wedding guest wear this days so you can be informed too. I think i need a thank you from you…lol.
The  word ‘coral’ is often used to describe an orange red color. Coral beads hold their color well and have been used in jewelry making at least since the ancient Egyptians, and coral was very popular in victorian times. Chokers made of strings of highly polished coral beads are part of traditional Nigerian wedding attire, and are often part of a matching set with bracelets and earrings. Dyed coral beads and precious coral feature a vibrant spectrum of colors, which range from pale pink to pinkish orange and dark red. 
     Coral Necklace are types of beads designs you can easily make for yourself or ask any bead jeweler to make for you when going for your occasion. They come in different types and shapes. We have the Benin coral, Tomato coral, Red Coral, white coral and Italian Ivory-coral.
Red Coral Beads are believed to have healing properties and are especially popular for Nigerian wedding. Coral necklaces are sometimes mixed with gold accessories or silver ball or accessories depending on the way you want to be creative about your designs. And trust me, they come out fabulous on anyone.
Below, are the list of the designs you can make out of coral beads. Don’t forget it’s not limited to this, you can also add more creativity when making yours. This is just a guide and i am sure they will be useful.

Coral beauty mixed with gold accessories
White Coral with gold findings

Ivory-coral design with gold accessories

These are the beautiful designs you can make yourself. You can learn some some on youtube or go to an expert where you can learn this. If you have any questions for me as regards the topic you want me to write on. E-mail me -christybeadmakers@gmail.com or connect with me on instagram @christybeadmaker. See you in my next article.

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